Kīpuka 2021


Submit your written application along with a 3-minute video and budget.

Applications Close: July 30, 2021

Grant period: August 10–December 1, 2021

General Instructions

Video instructions

What's expected in your 3-minute (max) video.

Videos Should Include

  1. A place or community (e.g. school, club, online community, neighborhood, ethnic / cultural group) you feel connected to
  2. What your vision is for uplifting this community 
  3. What is your proposed budget, and how will you use funding (up to $2,000) to take action towards achieving this vision?
  4. How does your project apply a STEM discipline(s)?

Where to Upload

  1. Youtube
  2. Vimeo
  3. Google Drive*
*If you upload to Google Drive, please ensure sharing permissions are set to "anyone with the link can view"
I'm Ready to Apply!